The easiest way to manage your recruitment process

An intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you can customise with ease. No jargon, no unnecessary restrictions, just the tools you need to hire.

All of your candidates in one place

Get a snapshot of your entire pipeline with our streamlined Candidate Deck, and move candidates along each stage with a simple drag and drop.

See it in action

Assess, rate and filter your applicants

The candidate profile shows you all the criteria you need to determine if an applicant is right for you.

You can move candidates along, contact them, reject them, view their interview notes and more, all directly from their profile.

Have a question?

Email us, or call us on +44(0)161 236 2932

Save time with integrated communications and scheduling

Send calendar invites, safely deliver emails and communicate faster than ever with unlimited SMS messages—all customisable, and all sent directly from the platform.

Know everything, without having to do anything

Automatically receive all the insights you need to report on the success of your recruitment campaign, including complete audience demographics and ROI breakdowns.

Help is just a click away

Unlike other software, we won’t leave you on your own. Your dedicated account manager is just a click away to answer any question you have, from tech help to integrating your current processes.

Every feature you didn’t know you needed until now

  • A fully customisable recruitment process add as many stages as you need.
  • Automatic responses achieve a 100% response rate instantly
  • Customisable communication templates change what you send and who you send it to.
  • Unlimited SMS messages not hearing back? Send a text. Or two. Or twenty.
  • Bulk responses mass reject or approve as many candidates as you need to.
  • Drag and drop move candidates to the next stage in a second.
  • Integrated calendars a system that speaks to your Outlook calendar and sends invitations on your behalf.
  • Candidate ratings and notes let others in your team know what you think of an applicant.
  • Complete cost and ROI breakdown get all the stats in a clear, presentable report.
  • Visualised audience demographics see who is viewing and applying for your roles.
  • A dedicated help centre contact us instantly for assistance
  • A clean, simple and intuitive interface you won’t be able to live without

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