Ebook: How we made our company culture not shit

By Charlie Benson 4 September 2018

We’re proud of the workplace culture we’ve created at GradTouch, but it hasn’t always been like this.

If you ask Zac (Co-founder and Director), he’ll quite openly tell you about what it used to be like back in 2016: kinda shit.

The team was growing, but the business was definitely not as productive as it could’ve been.

The turning point came when one employee asked: “If you’re not tracking my overtime, why are you tracking the times I’m not in the office?”

From then on, Zac and Joe (Co-founder and Director) began to question everything about our approach to work. And that’s the beginning of the story of how we transformed our culture, to one where everyone is given total autonomy over how they get the job done.

Zac is sharing exactly how the changes were made in a new ebook, and telling the story of how we made our culture not shit.

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