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The Student and Graduate Temperature Check 2023

Following our first Temperature Check report in 2022, the Careerpass Network has come together once more to check back in with students and graduates to see how thoughts and feelings towards and trends within the graduate job market have changed.

With insights directly from over 1,000 UK university students and graduates, we look at how confident they feel to enter the workplace, how they are searching for roles, and what they want from future employers.

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The Student and Graduate Temperature Check 2022

The Careerpass Network Group has worked together to explore how prepared students and graduates are feeling about their future careers, how confident they feel in securing a role and what their career aspirations are. These findings from over 2,000 UK university students will enable employers to better understand how to engage with graduate talent.

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Understanding how the pandemic has impacted university, degree and career choices for today’s students.

The Advertising Solutions team at Careerpass Network which operates GradTouch, graduatejobs.com and Kaampus have partnered with Dig-In, the UK’s leading student sampling and research company to understand the affects the pandemic has had on students’ university and career plans. 

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A glimpse into how university students are feeling about the future, and their futures.

In February 2021, we surveyed 2,878 current UK university students to understand how they’re currently feeling about the future, as well as their own personal future prospects.

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The importance of showing your company’s personality when hiring graduates.

By highlighting just how important it is to share as much insight into your company’s personality as graduates are expected to disclose about their own, GradTouch’s report aims to empower employers of all shapes and sizes to reacquaint themselves with their company’s values, discover what makes them stand out and spark the interest of a wider, more relevant and emotionally engaged range of graduate talent.

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Women are underrepresented within many industries and sectors.

They also make up 63% of the GradTouch student and graduate audience.

In this report we not only set out to provide data and insights into what female job hunters specifically are looking for in a career, but to also ensure that the employer brands we work with are equipped to attract and retain a balanced workforce.

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GradTouch’s report into how students and graduates are applying for jobs gave young people an opportunity to better inform recruitment practices so that they work for everyone. 

In this report we not only set out to share data and insights with employers, but to also allow students and graduates themselves to understand how their peers are performing, and, with our unique advice section, help them overcome the challenges they face.

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GradTouch surveyed 151 professionals within the Early Careers sector about how they conduct graduate job interviews.

Graduate employers, talent managers, heads of departments and recruiters across the UK took part.

Respondents answered a set of questions based on their approach to, and opinions on, graduate job interview techniques.

Utilising these responses and data, we have provided insight into current attitudes and approaches to graduate job interviews, as well as predictions for the future of graduate job interviewing.

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